Burglary numbers down, but beware a spike in Motor Crimes

The Coombe Hill ward quarterly Burglary statistics have reduced every month compared to last year. Without doubt, some of this will reflect lockdown with many people staying home for long periods of time. However, it’s still welcome news. The burglary figures are:

  • September 2019 –  8
  • September 2020 –  6 (-2)
  • October 2019 –  6
  • October 2020 –  3 (-3)
  • November 2019 –  10
  • November 2020 –  5 (-5)

The Coombe Hill quarterly figures for Motor Related Crimes have generally been a little less than this time last year. However, there has been a big spike in recent weeks. These vary from vehicle interference, theft from and of motor vehicle. Our local team have identified hotspot streets effected by these crime types: Roads surrounding and grounds of Kingston Hospital, Derwent Avenue, Robin Hood Way, Robin Hood Lane, Ullswater Crescent and Warren Road.

PC Simon Stamp and PCSO Oliver Barrett have been busy dealing with the above crimes, and are preparing for December, which will see the end of lockdown and the busy Christmas period. As well as crime preventative actions our Coombe Hill Police team have recently been involved in the recovery of stolen motorbikes, drugs arrests and arrests for knife carrying.