Kingston Council steamroller Cumberland House residents as tower planning application is submitted, ignoring petition highlighting poor consultation

Ian, Rowena & Ed outside Cumberland House

LibDem-run Kingston Council has submitted a planning application for a new tower of flats at the rear of Cumberland House, despite a large petition submitted by the residents asking for a short delay so that they could be consulted properly.

Despite submitting the large petition to Kingston Council through the official channels, residents have not even been given a response prior to the planning application being submitted.

Full details of the submitted planning application will follow, as will a tokenistic short “consultation”.

We have been told of some minor changes from the scheme that was initially floated. The changes (although these may have happened anyway) are listed here:

  • Five car parking spaces will be provided to the front of the proposed building and a further six car parking spaces will be provided at the south-east corner of the estate by the pedestrian gate connecting the site with Kingston Hill, to compensate existing residents for the loss of their car parking.
  • One car club space is proposed to the front of the new building.
  • The new residents will be limited to the car parking provision for the new building and will not be able to apply for a parking permit in the surrounding area. 15 car parking spaces will be located on the lower ground floor level of the new building.
  • No changes to the plans to take account of loss of daylight and sunlight concerns.
  • The landscape plan has been revised to avoid the existing spring in the area.
  • No changes to take into account concerns about the loss of amenity area.

The three Consecutive ward councillors are furious at the way residents have been treated. Residents in other parts of the Borough have been treated much better and fairer on planning issues, with thorough and in-depth pre- application consultation.

We are aware of the dire need for new council housing, but that can be better achieved by fully consulting existing residents and treating them fairly. We have communicated and met many Cumberland House residents over the past few months, and supported residents in their own efforts to get a fair deal. The fact that the resident’s petition (calling for a short delay to enable proper consultation) has been totally ignored, so that they hear that the application has been submitted before the points raised in their petition have been responded to is a complete insult.

The three Conservative Coombe Hill Councillors (Rowena, Ed and Ian) will continue to work with Cumberland House residents over the coming months to fight for the fairest deal possible from this Council, which has so far shown complete contempt for residents.