Council implements width-restrictions on Crescent Road and Queens Road

The area to be covered by Kingston Council’s the new width restriction zone

Kingston Council has advised that works will soon start to install width-restrictions into Crescent Road and Queens Road. The aim of the restrictions is to prevent large vehicles using the roads as a cut-through.

The work involves construction of the following:

  • A width restriction island outside Sunningdale Court, Queens Road
  • A width restriction island outside 70/72 Crescent Road

The roadworks are due to start at 8am on the 18th June, and should be finished by the end of the day. The roadworks will require temporary road closures, local diversions and parking suspensions.

The plans are to have width restriction bollards on both sides of the road, with large vehicle deliveries able to be made by entering via Park Road.  

The width-restriction is ‘experimental’, so the success (or otherwise) will be reviewed at some point in the future. We have asked for details of exactly when this will be reviewed, and said that local residents should be properly consulted.

Originally the ward councillors were told that there were two options to restrict access by large vehicles – physical width-restriction poles or CCTV enforcement. We asked for further information on the CCTV option, so that we could fully understand how this might work. 

We were advised that the CCTV enforcement would work in hand with ‘No HGV’ signage, and that residents/delivery-drivers could simply enter basic delivery details onto a website or make a quick call, so that a penalty notice wasn’t sent out. The CCTV option sounded like it might be a little complicated, however we were assured that it was very simple and was working well elsewhere. In view of this assurance, we thought this would be the best way forward, rather than having physical width restrictions in the road. However, it seems that the Council has now changed their minds and the CCTV option is not now an option.

Please contact us with your feedback, or if you have any further questions.