Pigs, Chickens and Rottweilers seized from Kingston Vale house following serious animal welfare concerns

An animal welfare service working with Kingston Council and our very own Coombe HIll Police team, acted in response to animal welfare concerns at a property in Robin Hood Way. 

A visit to the house on 19th May found a number of animals kept in the garden, in what were considered to be very poor conditions. The 4 pigs and 54 chickens were removed from the property using powers in the Animal Welfare Act 2006. All animals have now been taken to a place of safety, with measures being taken to secure long-term possession of them.

During the visit, the Police also seized 3 adult Rottweiler dogs under Dangerous Dogs legislation.

An Environmental Health Officer has inspected the site in relation to pests and odour problems relating to the animals. We understand a formal notice was served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in order to ensure improvements are made to the garden and surroundings.

Other information is currently being withheld, as a number of potential offences are still being investigated. 

As ward councillors we will continue to chase the progress of this case. It’s important that all animals are treated well, and that neighbours and residents living nearby aren’t put in an unacceptable position. However, it is great to see a wide range of agencies working together to deal with this serious local incident.