Police target burglars, but need your help

We live in a low crime area, but there has been a spate of burglaries in Coombe Hill recently. Our local Police are working hard to catch the culprits, but we can all help.

Often criminals are accessing houses through the first floor, as it is believed ground floors are normally alarmed. Alternatively they enter at the rear of buildings after knocking on the front door to see if anyone is at home. The Police ask that if you see something suspicious, please call 999 straight away.

Cllr Ian George said: “Locally the Conservatives have helped deliver more Police and successfully campaigned for Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras on the A3, to deter criminals who travel from outside the area. We’ll continue to support the local Police in any way we can.”

Perhaps you might consider getting involved in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for your road. Contact PC Simon Stamp at Coombe.Hill.snt@met.police.uk to receive their regular newsletters.